2016 or 2017 All About Me Interview Printable

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I can’t believe we started these back in 2011! It’s a fun tradition that many of you started along with us. You can fill them out for your kids until they can fill them out for themselvesMy Interview Printable

Some people do them the last day of the year and some the first.2016 & 2017 All about me kids interview printable

You can add their school picture or let them draw one of their own. Just download, print and figure out where you want to keep them! Some people add them to the Christmas decor to remember to fill them out. You could also put it in your scrapbook or baby book.2016 & 2017 All about me kids interview printable

Print yours here:

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  1. I love this idea! It would be a great thing to put them all together for their graduation party! Thanks for sharing.

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