Building Better Habits with EveryDrop™ Water Filter + a giveaway!

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As a mom one of the things I try hard to do with my kids is to help them build better habits. Making the right food choices, keeping their homework organized, and not trashing where we live is high on the list. I try hard to teach them to respect things, protect and preserve what we can. Enter the EveryDrop™ Water Filter!

Since we are on the go A LOT, we had been getting back into the habit of buying lots of bottled water. It’s quick, easy, and in the desert we drink a ton of water. I mean a ton! We’d be good about bringing cups with us but then we’d just buy for the rest of the day. My kids got my wonderful strong sense of smell and taste and would often complain about “yucky water” from the city. In their defense, Phoenix water is very highly chlorinated – as in, I can smell chlorine when I turn the faucet on.

I hadn’t had much luck with “portable” filters because who wants to lug around the entire pitcher or wait for those things to filter the water?! So when we first tried out the EveryDrop™ Water Filter I was seriously impressed (and that’s hard to do since I’m very picky about my water). After preparing the filter and filtering water straight from my faucet, it no longer smelled like chlorine and had little to no taste! So crazy!

I especially love that this filter can fit into pretty much any type of bottle or pitcher because of its shape, and it filters fast! My youngest started cross-country this year and sucks down his 16oz water bottle pretty quickly, but doesn’t like the taste of water from the drinking fountain so we tested it out on the go at the park. The filter comes with its own case (shown in the photo above next to the package) so you can throw it in your purse, gym bag, or car to use on the road. (I love it while hiking!)

It works quick enough that he doesn’t get impatient, and totally worked. He had no complaints! The EveryDrop™ Water Filter makes it easier (and quicker) for me to help build those good habits with my boys (and keeps them from having to drink the dreaded yucky water). Find out more about EveryDrop™ Water Filters on their Site / Facebook / Twitter


Would you like a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card plus an EveryDrop™ Water Filter?! Answer the question “What unexpected place could you use the EveryDrop™ Water Filter?” in the comments below.


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Allison Waken is a wife, mom of boys and Phoenix, AZ native. She has been creating inspiring content for All for the Boys since 2011. Allison loves travel, movies and spending as much time as possible with her family while she can!


  1. Oh man, my husband would love this. He'd probably use it at work and when playing soccer. He loves filtered water!

  2. Donna Marchlewski Reply

    I would certainly use it while camping in our Vintage Scotty Camper!

  3. LivLaughEat Reply

    I would use this everywhere! I love bringing my own water bottles but I'm wary of random water fountains and I can't stand the chlorine smell either. I wish I had a fun unexpected place to list but seeing as we don't go anywhere exotic now that we have an almost 3 year old, it would just be something we use every day.

  4. We could use it on our trip to disney! So we wouldn't have to worry about the overpriced drinks, we could fill up at any fountain!

  5. We just bought an annual pass to Disneyworld. With six of us buying bottled water is expensive, but I'm leary of the water fountains,this would be great!

  6. I take the boys to the parks all the time and every time they want to drink from the water fountains.

  7. alison hoeh Reply

    the walmart bathroom or any bathroom would be nice to get fresh clean water from.

  8. Hm. In an unexpected place? I would use it at home and abroad. I'm sure there's lots of unexpected places within the confines of "abroad". :O)

  9. Hm. In an unexpected place? I would use it at home and abroad. I'm sure there's lots of unexpected places within the confines of "abroad". :O)

  10. I would bring it camping for the water fountains they have there at the camp sites. Fascinating, thanks!!

  11. This is so great! My husband is in the army and he would use this on his many hikes and runs. He's tried so many other bottled water filters and hasn't been happy. This sounds like it could be a winner!

  12. I would take it camping with us. We don't always bring enough water with us, so this would be great.

  13. I would so use this at work. We have well water that is supposedly filtered, but there is still a taste to it. I have to have my water cold, wet and with no taste. Yep, I am a water snob.

  14. We just moved to a rural area with terrible mineral content in the water. It's like drinking chalk. We would be able to use this every single day!

  15. With Pre-K kids (and my AfterCare kids K-8th), it's scary having to trust them to go down the hallway to get some water from the fountain… and to line them up every 30 minutes-1hr to quench the crowd of "I'm thirsty, Ms. Samantha!" (You know how it is… one says they're thirsty and suddenly a phenomena happens… EVERYONE IS THIRSTY! lol… this would allow me more time in the classroom with the kids to cover their activities! Maybe start incorporating the art easel!

  16. I'd love to stash one of these in my car so I could use it whenever I'm out and about with the kids. I'm a nursing mama who needs lots of water, so this would definitely come in handy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. This post reminder me of something that happend to my husband the other day. He drank water from the water cooler at his new office. He said it tasted horrible and his co workers tasted it and agreed. If we had this filter he would use it on his offices water cooler!!

  18. This looks like a better accessory than the Britta water bottles since you could fill up the whole family's water bottle with the one filter. I would use it everywhere – even Jury Duty

  19. My whole family would use this all the time! We love filter water! Uses for this filter: soccer/football games, going to the pool, church, running errands, going across the country 2-3 times a year for visiting family. Sounds like a dream to not have to keep packing cases of H2O all the time!

  20. I would use it out and about! Trying to be conscientious about drinking plenty of water while nursing our baby.

  21. I would use it at the barn where I ride horses…and hopefully lose the funky mineral taste!

  22. would love to try this on our road trip to grandma's for thanksgiving!

  23. Maybe a long road trip. Drinking it with lots of ice seems to help me. I've cut back on pop a lot lately and it saves a lot of money as well!

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  24. We just moved across country to a new home that is on well water so this would be great to use at home, on camping trips and definitely when staying in hotels because I often question water quality!

  25. I would use it at the airport during travel trips.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  26. Jon Paradis Reply

    I travel all day for work which often times means I am on the highway. I drink a ton if water but if I end up at a rest stop my only option is to drink from the water fountain ( and some rest stops don't even have them) (or buy over priced bottled water. With this I could go right into the bathroom and fill up at the rest stop sink and be on my way.


  27. I would use it when we go on road trips. I hate buying questionable water while traveling! Great giveaway!! Water is so important and I believe the quality of it can really effect your health. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  28. I would use it when we go on road trips. I hate buying questionable water while traveling! Great giveaway!! Water is so important and I believe the quality of it can really effect your health. Thanks for the chance 🙂

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