DIY Gingerbread Airplane Hangar for your favorite Planes

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With family in and out for the holidays I wanted to come up with a way to get kids of multiple ages interested in some holiday crafts and/or activities. DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

I know from experience that favorite characters get the kids more excited about crafts and keep them more involved. We decided to make a gingerbread airplane hangar for some new Disney Planes toys we picked up. I went with a paper gingerbread house because I knew it would be played with quite a bit.

To make a paper gingerbread hangar (or cardboard), start with 2 1/2 circles. I used a large bowl as a template and traced it onto brown 12″x12″ cardstock.

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangarCut a door (or doors) into one of the 1/2 circles.

Then you’ll need a strip however wide you want to go all the way around the half circle as the roof. I needed to use 2 pieces to go all the way around. To make sure it was secure I used a hot glue gun.

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangarGlue on the back (the 2nd 1/2 circle).

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangarNow the kids can have fun glueing, drawing or painting on “candy”.

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangarAnd the best part, of course, is playing with your new holiday playset!

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangarSo much fun and a cute decoration!

Do your kids like adding their favorite characters to holiday traditions?

DIY Gingerbread airplane hangar

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  1. You are SO CRAFTY! This is such fun, and a fantastic option for kids who have Celiac Disease and can’t even touch gluten, like my youngest son! I have to go to Walmart this afternoon, so I will have to check these Rollback items out for sure. #client

    • Yes! We’re gluten free here too and making a gf gingerbread (that no one will eat anyway) can take forever!

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