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Today we have a tutorial to make your own paper ball! A craft you can play with – my boys’ favorite type (or they only type of craft they’ll do lately) Who else used to make these as a kid?

You’ll need a square sheet of paper, if you don’t have one that’s already square just cut one! 

Fold the paper in half, the other half, and in a triangle from each side.

So you end up with something looking like this

Push in 2 of the sides so it creates a triangle

Then you’re going to pull the bottom corner of one side up to the point of the triangle

Continue this for all 4 points

Next you’re going to take the side (like where his hand is covering above) and fold it in to meet the center

Do THIS for all 4 sides

Next you’re going to take the bottom loose flaps and tuck them into the little pocket you just made on the fold before

Do this for all loose ends/pockets

Next open up your creation a bit

And inflate through the little opening

and you have a ball! (literally and figuratively)

A paper ball! Go make your own 🙂

What I DIDN’T tell them (but plan to show them this summer) is that you can fill the ball with water and it becomes a water bomb/balloon. I thought I’d be nice and show them how to make one first 😉 Obviously the type of paper you use will change the outcome of this.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. The boys in my after school care program LOVED this! Any time they get their hands on scraps of paper, they make these and toss/kick them around until they are shredded. They also love the fact that they can now make their own water grenades. 🙂 Thank you for sharing such clear and detailed instructions!

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