Charcuterie Board Idea – Cottage Cheese

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I don’t know about you but we are all about charcuterie boards in all their many forms around here. Even when the boys were little we did our own versions in muffin tins. Now that they are (or are almost) fully grown adults, they appreciate having fun with the flavors on our boards. This one I made recently featured something I haven’t put on a charcuterie board yet, but that worked perfectly no matter what flavors you were in the mood for – Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese.

Cottage Cheese Pairings for a Charcuterie Board

You may not have thought about it before, but Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese makes the perfect addition to a charcuterie board. You can even use it as the main centerpiece creating lots of pairings that include the cottage cheese! My family and I have done this again already since we first tried it because we loved it so much.

Shamrock Farms has a perfectly delicate texture that pairs perfectly with all sorts of great flavors on a charcuterie board.

Here are some of the pairings we did with this board:

    • Cottage cheese, fresh mango, and chili lime seasoning. A classic pairing in our house mixed up a bit with the cottage cheese & cracker!
    • My latest favorite pairing is Shamrock Farms cottage cheese and Furikake seasoning. It is SO good together so of course, I loved it on top of a cracker!
    • Cracker with apricot pepper jelly topped with cottage cheese. One of our “regular” charcuterie toppings is the apricot pepper jelly with cheddar so we decided to try it with cottage cheese and it did not disappoint.

These pairings might be new to you but that’s 1/2 the fun of a charcuterie board so definitely give it a try.

How to Set Up a Charcuterie Board with Cottage Cheese

Why cottage cheese on a charcuterie board? Because it pairs with so many different flavors, is easy to set up, and is a crowd pleaser. To set up this charcuterie board with cottage cheese, I used 2 boards to create some separation.

Then I added the bowls I wanted to use to make sure there would be plenty of space.

Next, I filled up the bowls with Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese!

Then I added the other bowl ingredients, 2 were dry spice mixes – furikake, and chile lime seasoning. The other 2 bowls held mangoes and olives.

Then, I fill up the rest of the board starting with some prosciutto.

Adding in some salami and hard cheese. I always start to cut the cheese into cracker sized slices.

Then some fresh veggies! Everyone eats more veggies when they’re out on a charcuterie board. I also added a little bowl of my favorite jalapeño apricot jelly.

Next comes the crackers and then I fill in the rest of the space with whole fruit (this way it doesn’t go bad if no one eats it but it’s there if someone wants it) and nuts.

And that’s it! It all comes together pretty easily and even though it might not look like it at first, it always ends up looking great and, more importantly, super appetizing. It’s the perfect way to have a light, delicious meal this year and the Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese definitely mixes it up making it fresh and new.

why shamrock Farms cottage cheese

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