DIY Pixelated Trick-or-Treat Bucket

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I mentioned on Facebook earlier that my boys changed their costume minds again and both are going to be Minecraft characters (a creeper and Steve). I’m taking the lazy way out and bought their heads at Target but throught they’d like a realistic Minecraft pixelated bucket to trick or treat with!

Not only for Halloween you could make these for a Minecraft party or just for play! Here’s how we did it:

Print out the 2 page printable and cut the bottom and top border off so the edges of the printing can meet. Glue to cardboard or foamboard (for stability). Make sure to apply glue to all the edges or they’ll lift off.

A parent can cut along the edge with an exacto knife or box cutter

Turn it over to see if all your cuts went through and then pop it out.

Adhere with glue to a box or bucket of your choice. I used a square metal bucket I had from the dollar spot at Target last year. (Use superglue or hot glue if you want it to stay for a while).


Download printable HERE

I can’t wait to see all your costumes – be sure to share them with me here, on Facebook or Instagram!

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