DIY Snowglobes

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If you’re looking for a simple holiday craft that the kids will love, we’ve got one for you! Simple DIY snow globes. You can use toys from around the house or buy little miniatures specifically for your snowglobe. Either way, these DIY snow globes will bring some holiday cheer to your craft time.

The boys really wanted to include Legos with theirs and we found some little bottlebrush trees at the store. We have had a few people say that their trees stained the water so you might want to test them first.

To start, you figure out what will fit on the lid of your glass jar. Then we hot glued our pieces down. And by “we” I mean “I”.

They wanted minifigs (especially this half-naked Santa from last year’s LEGO advent) so I had them put them on a 1×2 flat piece that was glued to the top. Mr. All for the Boys is pretty sure we can get the piece off but I’d much rather lose 1 little piece than an entire minifig or 2.

Fill the jar with water and add just a bit of glycerin (not necessary but does help the glitter float around a bit better).

Add your glitter (they chose white).

Screw the lid on good and tight (you could also glue the lid on and seal if you wanted to keep them around longer but we want the option to take out the minifigs later.

And that’s it! I think these would be cute with little animals too. We only had small jars so our options were limited. I’ve also seen people put a gift card in the jar and give as a gift (although a messy one to finally get your gift card).


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  1. Love your Blog! A friend just linked to it on FB, I am having so much fun exploring your posts. Just in time for Christmas Break!

  2. I LOVE your blog and your photos! I am going to try this with my boys this weekend. Great idea!

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