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Don’t Leave Your Stuff Behind – XY Find It

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Disclosure: I was sent 1 XY beacon to review but was not compensated to post. All opinions here are my own.

Do you have someone in your family who can’t keep track of anything? We have 2. Myself and my youngest, though I think he’s a little worse off than me. I’ve seen some of these tracking devices but haven’t tried one out until now. The XY Find It is so inexpensive and easy to use I really don’t know why I didn’t get it sooner!

XY Find It - Bluetooth beacons that help you keep track of your stuffI am always leaving my camera behind when I need it with me. Not to mention my purse, laptop bag… and my youngest is ALWAYS losing track of his Nintendo 3Ds. You can attach an XY Find It beacon to any of these items, keep track of all of them (with photos) on your phone and even set it up to beep if you go out of range so you know that you left it behind.

XY Find It - Bluetooth beacons that help you keep track of your stuffIf you did leave it behind you can pull up a map of the last place you were connected to it so you know where you left it!  You can also mark an item as “lost” within the app and any time the beacon is recognized by the XY app from any device, the location of your item will be plotted to your map to help you locate it.

We fought over who would try the first one we got but I won with my camera 😉

XY Find It - Bluetooth beacons that help you keep track of your stuffThe setup was super quick and I love having that little extra peace of mind that I won’t forget it the next time I need it. I love that if you’re looking for it (say you have NO idea where it is in the house) you can tell the app to find it and it will make a beeping noise, which makes tracking it down inside the house that much quicker!

XY is powered by a replaceable battery that lasts 3-6 months and uses less of your phone battery than it’s competitors which is always a plus! You can also use any amount of beacons that you want or need!

XY Find It - Bluetooth beacons that help you keep track of your stuffI’m already thinking of all the ways we can use this. All our laptop bags, the dogs, the boys, the electronic devices that leave the house… You can change the photo or name of the beacon in your app too so if you need to switch one that you already have to something else, you can!

They come in a few different colors and when ordered in larger bundles are as low as $14.99. XY Find It wanted to offer you all a discount though so if you use the coupon or discount code:


You’ll get 15% off through July 5th 2015! What would you want to keep track of?

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