More Easy April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas for Kids

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Looking for some really simple pranks to pull on your kids. Or maybe your kids want some easy ideas to pull on their parents? These can all be done the night before or the morning of and take no time at all to prepare!Easy prank ideas for kids

If your kids use a PC to play games and have an optical mouse, just put a piece of tape over the light on the bottom. You can also play with the mouse settings but that takes way more work!Easy prank ideas for kids

If you’re a cereal family, mix all the bags up so you don’t know what your getting when you pull out a box. Even better replace them all with your kids’ least favorite cereal.Easy prank ideas for kids

If your kids have favorite licensed character snacks, replace the insides with ones of their LEAST favorite. For mine it would be something like replacing Power Rangers with princesses or something.Easy prank ideas for kids

On the back side of the toilet paper roll, draw a spider shape with a marker. Make sure it’s hidden so you can’t see it until you pull a bit off!Easy prank ideas for kids Easy prank ideas for kids

I’ve seen lots of replacing candy with veggies, putting something else inside of a donut box etc. There is no shortage of easy ideas for the kids! Have you seen our easy faucet, growing painswater bottle or condiment bottle pranks.

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