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Fort Friday + A Giveaway!

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Disclosure: We were provided a Fort Magic kit for review but were not compensated in any other way. We play with it regardless.

Fort Friday is a day to celebrate and be inspired by forts! Today we’re looking at all forts created with Fort Magic AND you have a chance to win one of your own!

First of all, what is Fort Magic? You can read our first review HERE. Fort Magic is still our absolute favorite fort building kit. It’s construction and quality cannot be beat! It still continues to be brought out at our house and is the go-to way to build forts around here.

Fort Magic is an innovative fort building and construction toy that enables children to build 3D, kid-created, “life-size” worlds for inventive play! Imagine the hours of excitement at playtime, play-dates, sleepovers and family-time as children build “forts” shaped like pirate ships, castles, playhouses, submarines, airplanes, teepees,tunnels, and so much more…all from just ONE Fort Magic kit! Fantasy becomes reality with Fort Magic through the power of a child’s own creative hands! Easy to build, easy to clean up! Fort Magic ignites children’s imaginations for hours of creative play!
For us it’s something the boys can get out, use and play with all on their own (or with the help of the dogs).

Someone was supposed to be cleaning his room but I walked in and found this.To celebrate Fort Friday I thought it would be fun to share some forts built by others with the Fort Magic kit!

Pirate ship from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar

Love this outdoor fort from Play at Home Mom

I love how interactive Rave and Review got with their Fort Magic kit

Read more reviews on Fort Magic or Amazon


*The Fort Magic kit does not come with fabric covers.

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  1. LivLaughEat Reply

    This is awesome! Right now he is just getting big enough to build forts from the couch cushions, it won't be long before he'll need something with more options!

  2. these are just the coolest! love the castle one. my son got a knight's costume for his birthday and my daughter likes to be the princess he saves. so fun!

  3. Oh, my boys would love this so much! I was hoping to buy it for Christmas this year, but winning a set would be even better!

  4. I like the Pirate Ship Design and I like that there are unlimited designs my kid could build.

  5. I liked the video with kids building the random fort. was a great way to let me kids see exactly what they will need to do. I really hope we win the give away we are ready to create!!

  6. These are awesome! I got so many new ideas. My son would love to play with this.. and I would too 🙂

  7. So many cool possibilities! I think my husband might like it even more than my kids 🙂

  8. I hadn't viewed fort making in this way before, or that a kit existed with such durability. I've only know of the lightweight pool noodle kinds.

  9. Lorna Calaway Reply

    This would be so much fun to do with grand children! Hope I win!!

  10. I love the fort designs….they are all awesome….great giveaway THANK YOU : )

  11. Julie Robertson Reply

    I am blown away at all the different designs they have on their website! And just from one kit! And then there is your own imagination! I had no idea this existed. It's like LEGOs on a different scale. My three girls and one son would get a huge kick out of this. It would become their most favorite toy. Right now they use our couch and half wall to make their forts. This would be so much cooler! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  12. I just love the Fort Designs. My little one would love building the Race Car!

  13. cornellison Reply

    I can imagine how many hours two boys could play with these!! They look fantastic…

  14. Jacqueline Charlier Reply

    This looks like so much fun, and so great that my kids could build it themselves, I especially like the plane!

  15. Kimberly Mallory Reply

    This is pretty sweet – my 6 boys would LOVE to use one of these kits 🙂

  16. Katherine Donovan Reply

    I literally laughed out loud when I seen your boys fort! Brought back memories to when my kids were that age and loved making forts. Now I have a grandson and I'm sure he would love the airplane fort. Such a cute idea!!

  17. This looks amazing. I get so bored with traditional forts. This could get way abstract and fun.

  18. Sents Saver Reply

    I love the Rocket Ship & Alien designs for the fort! so awesome! the boys would love it!

  19. Amanda in RI Reply

    I love all the fort designs! My sons would love so many of them! The reviews are pretty cool as well!

  20. I love all the different forts you can make. It would be a good problem solving lesson to build the different forts.

  21. This is absolutely awesome! My son would love this so much! Forts are amazing when kids improvise with what they can find, but this is something else…

  22. This is awsome! I already explored everthing about Fort Magic when you listed it as a possible Christmas presents. I didn't have a chance to buy it yet for my little boy, but I'm 100% sure it provides hours and hours of fun. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  23. I had no idea how many different designs you could make with just one kit. I've had my eye on this for a while. Sooooo cool!!

  24. I love that it includes a full color Instruction Manual with over 20 designs to build!

  25. Angie Center Reply

    My children would think they had died and gone to heaven if I got this for them! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  26. This seems amazing and would be awesome for my beginner fort-builder!

  27. Okay, if I am not too late I just HAVE to enter. Isaiah would DIE. Love how they have Space Ship themes and everything!

  28. Kerri Learning Reply

    I love that it comes with fabric clips and instructions on how to design certain shapes! Very cool and durable sounding product.

  29. Concretin Nik Reply

    Fun! Fun! Fun! We love fort building!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I like how versatile these are… the possibilities are endless and the kids should never get bored with something that can be different every time they play!

  31. Laura Jacobson Reply

    Oh I really love the Fort Design section! I love the Submarine! They have so many neat ones to build! So fun for the kids….and us adults too! 🙂

  32. I learned there are far more ways to build a fort than i thought… Awesome stuff!

  33. This looks so amazing! Even though it would start with tunnels for baby… I'm sure, in no time at all… it will growwith them into all sorts of awesome wonders! THIS is a toy that is sure to be loved for years!

  34. Jessica Shopoff Reply

    Definitely a dream toy for boys! I know my guys would love love love it!

  35. Jessica Shopoff Reply

    Definitely a dream toy for boys! I know my guys would love love love it! They would probably be happy to build the racecar and play with it for weeks.

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