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We’ve had a lot happening/changing around here. We are trying to get ready to move, going on a big vacation next month, school is ending, and we’ve been trying to figure out why my oldest has been breaking out in giant hives all over every single day. On top of that we had an optometrist appt. that told us what he already knew – he needed glasses. Apparently 3rd grade is a big grade for that because both my mom and I got them in 3rd grade. 

We went to a few stores to find him his perfect pair. We wanted him to choose and be 100% happy with them so he’d wear them. He found these and knew they were the ones. As soon as we got home with them we went down the street to take a few photos.

Little brother came along as well so I tried to get a couple of him.

And then I had the brilliant idea of trying for a photo together for the grandma’s.

I really can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve taken photos of them just to take photos of them. I need to set a time aside to get some of all of us!

We have a couple posts in the works and are STILL trying to decide what to do for May 4th – you know – Star Wars day. 


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  1. I LOVE the glasses he picked out – he looks so handsome in them! I love how trendy glasses have become since I was a kid. I feel like the stigma of being the kid in glasses is lessening now that there are so many stylish options to choose from.

  2. He looks fabulous! My seven year old just got his glasses last week too. He LOVES them . They are much more fashionable now I think then when I got glasses for the first time back in grade school. Love the pictures too.

  3. He rocks those specs! Nice!

    Your guys are so cute together. Love the one of big bro flicking little bro. They're just like my two. 😉

  4. the glasses look GREAT! he did a good job picking them out. And…he has a sweet smile 🙂 Love the "flicking my brothers" picture too! May 4th, I bet will be a big day at your house!!! Can't wait to see what you do there.

  5. The glasses look great! You've got 2 very handsome boys. The pictures are great too!

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