Triangle Plane

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I know we have lots of airplane fans here (especially the strawplane) so I thought we’d try out a new kind of paper airplane – the Triangle Plane.

I found a tutorial here on Instructables. So we tried it out for you. You just need a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper and some tape.

First fold the paper the long way, hot dog, enchilada whatever you want to call it. Like this:

Then fold it the other way (taco, hamburger)

Then you’ll need to open up that fold and take the outsides and fold them into the center fold you just made so that you’re making 4 sections.

Then you unfold the paper entirely. You’re going to take one end and fold it down about 1/4″ or so.

Continue folding it over and over until it reaches the center crease.

Then you’re going to shape your paper into a triangle using the creases you made as a guide, creasing the folds so that it’s nice and straight.

A bit of tape to secure the 2 sides that are on top of each other (the “bottom” of the triangle)

And that’s it!

To through you want to hold the “bottom” of the triangle and slightly squeeze together and toss. This one takes a bit of practice to get going good.

It has similar physics to our paper football. It’s not our favorite plane but it’s fun to try out different kinds and race! I had a reader email to tell me that her kids had a paper airplane race/competition one day (I lost the email so if it’s you shout it out in the comments!) That would be fun to try! My son also said it would be fun to decorate.

Happy flying!


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