Gum Wrapper Darts

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Something for the older ones (who won’t choke when doing this) a little tutorial for gum wrapper darts. This has no other use than to entertain my boys for quite a long time.

Unwrap a stick of gum

Eat the gum and save the wraper. Smooth it out on the edge of a table.

Wrap the wrapper around a finger with about 1/2 of it above your finger

Twist the end above your finger into as tight/sharp point as you can.

Put the open end into your mouth with a bit of the point sticking out

Take a deep breath through your nose and with a big puff of air blow out the “dart”. It took him 1 try and he had it down. he was able to get it to go pretty far.

Gum wrapper darts! Do them when you’re bored, when you’re snowed in, or to impress your kids when you need some cool points.


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  1. Fun idea!! This reminds me of something easy and fun that we do with gum wrappers. I flatten them out, fold them 5 or 6 times (keeping them long) and make little light sabers out of them when we are out and about. The boys play with them until they start to bend. Of course, sound effects are included, too. 🙂 We'll have to try out the darts next time!

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