Why We Embrace Technology In Our Home

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Technology and families is always a big topic. I have loved learning about advances and new tech since junior high/high school and it has always been important to me for my kids to experience different types of tech throughout their lives. I think it’s important for teachers to have access to technology in school as well, so I love that CenturyLink is continuing to promote this with their Teachers and Technology program here in Phoenix!

Why we embrace technology in our home and schools


I LOVE new tech and we are always up to trying the latest and greatest. Beyond the fun and “cool” factor there are some very specific reasons that I embrace technology in our home.

Why we embrace technology in our home and schools

  1. Their future. No matter what jobs my boys have, they will use technology in some way. Whether it’s to promote their business, communicate, create, learn or simply keep record. The more they are familiar and comfortable with it, the better off they’ll be.
  2. To improve their lives. Whether it’s through memory keeping, learning or experiencing art/music, our lives have definitely improved by technology. Beyond these simple things, there are some BIG ways tech has improved lives for many people far beyond our home.
  3. Safety. There are so many ways technology has improved to help us in the home – from door locks and doorbells, to smoke alarms, and even reminders to change batteries or air filters.
    Why we embrace technology in our home and schools
  4. Learning. Even beyond school, my boys have learned SO much from technology. They’ve used technology to learn new languages, how to code robots, and how to make movies.
    Why we embrace technology in our home and schools
  5. For fun. Technology is FUN and cool, and we love using it together.
    Why we embrace technology in our home and schools


CenturyLink thinks tech is pretty important too. They support communities across the state by providing reliable internet services to businesses, schools, and homes. CenturyLink has also long supported education and the technology that fuels learning. Some of the initiatives they support locally are:

  • Teachers & Technology grants (I actually have a friend who was personally affected by this grant just this month!) CenturyLink is providing a total of $1.4 million in Teachers & Technology grants for STEM programs nationwide.
  • CenturyLink Campaign to Fight Hunger
  • STEM Excellence Awards
  • and more!

Why we embrace technology in our home and schools!

This May, CenturyLink will be providing more than $124,000 to 27 teachers across Arizona in support of enhancing the innovative use of technology in their classrooms. How awesome is that?! Since kids learn in so many different ways, I love that teachers are coming up with new ways to use tech to improve and enhance learning.

Why we embrace technology in our home and schools

Have you seen technology used in creative ways in your school or community?

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