Indoor Golf Pool

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Well technically it’s indoor/outdoor golf pool.

In an attempt to decrease summer boredom we’ve been making up games. If you’re like us you have lots of golf balls laying around (or know whose golf bag to raid) so we thought we’d put them to use.

We have 10 white golf balls and 1 colored gof ball (the cue ball) and 2 pencils for the cue sticks.

We created a circle on the floor with some washi tape (you could use chalk outdoors or string)

The way to play will depend on the age of your kids and the type of flooring. The carpet proved difficult for playing pool the regular way but we tried a few times. It worked really well on hard flooring!

So for playing on carpet we switched up the way to hit the ball and just used the pencil to hit it sideways – worked much better on the carpet.

The first person to get 5 white balls outside of the circle wins. Take turns using the cue ball to hit the white balls out of the circle. If the cue ball goes out of the circle with a white ball, that ball has to go back in.

Warning – if you have a pup who likes balls this game may be even more difficult 😉

So indoors or outdoors it’s a fun game to play. Change up the ball sizes, cue sticks etc depending on the age of your kids. You could use straws and cotton balls too and try to blow them out of the circle!

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