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I’m Starting Over with Parenthood

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I’m starting over with Parenthood – the tv series! I LOVE this show so much. It’s one of those that I always recommend when people are asking what to watch. UPtv is bringing Parenthood back starting from the beginning and I’ll be right here starting May 30 at 8PM EST.UPtvThere are fewer and fewer shows that I really can cuddle up to watch with the kids around, but Parenthood is definitely one of my favorites. If you haven’t seen it yet you MUST add it to your list. You can start from the beginning with one of my favorite new (to me) channels – UPtv. If you have seen it then you know you want to watch it again with me!Parenthood UPtvWhen I was a kid watching tv, all of my favorite shows made me want to be a part of them. That’s how Parenthood makes me feel. I totally want to be a Braverman and UPtv even sent me the best box ever which made my dream come true. Parenthood UPtv(If you’re not familiar with the show all the names on this comfy hoody are Bravermans, except the last one – that’s ME!)Parenthood UPtv I’m also more than happy to put this glass to good use!

I love the Bravermans because they are there for each other no matter what. They all are totally unique and I see myself in many of them depending on the season/episode. The family is there to help fix each other’s problems or celebrate life’s victories. They honestly remind me a lot of our family!Parenthood on UPtvAlso, you will want this backyard space if you don’t already.

The worst part about a series that you’re so attached to is that it has to end eventually. The best part? You can start again from the beginning to re-live all the stories!Parenthood UPtvWho wants to join me?!

Parenthood on UPtv

I’ll be tweeting on Monday during the show (8pm EST), we can watch together!

Parenthood on UPtv

P.S. if you haven’t checked out UP yet it’s an awesome channel with tons of great family content. In fact their new tagline is “We Get Family”.

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