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When I read this post from Jennifer at Big D and Me I immediately emailed her and asked her if I could share this quote from “My Life as a Red Furry Monster” by Kevin Clash. 

“There’s a certain sweet magic you feel when you sit down and create something with a child, whether it’s a masterpiece in watercolors or pasta shapes glued to a paper plate. And remember, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t held a crayon in decades or if you don’t remember how to fold a paper airplane or if you can’t draw hands or horses or rocket ships. In the eyes of a child, your artistic talents are supreme. It’s not what you create – it is simply the fact that you are helping that child celebrate the joy of creativity.”

Jennifer was immediately inspired and shared an afternoon with her kiddos creating these masterpieces

I love that she was not only inspired by the quote but she stopped what she was doing and acted on it. It’s not what you create and it doesn’t have to be perfect or look perfect, it’s the act of sitting down and creating something with your child(ren). You will be giving them a gift worth so much more than any $50 video game can buy.

So my challenge to you is to just create something today with your kids. Stop what you’re doing, or do it during dinner when they get home. Make something silly out of the spaghetti noodles, take out the paint you never let them use because they’re messy, pull out the crayons and the paper bag from the store you went to earlier, whatever it is just sit down and do it with them!

Thanks so much for letting me share Jennifer!


In other news, I have some fun things to share (including new science fun) I just haven’t been able to pull them all together yet because of the new back to school schedule. I am SO not a fan of that summer to school transition period where everyone is getting used to the new normal.

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