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I know LEGOs are on the top of a lot of your kids’ favorite toy list and according to our Facebook discussions many of you had the same problem I did after Christmas (LEGO hurricane anyone?) I did a post last year about LEGO storage but here I am in 2012 and I STILL haven’t found a great solution.

There are a few things I really want in our LEGO storage. The boxes/bins need to be shallow so that there isn’t too much “digging” for the correct piece. The storage needs to be in the same spot where they play so that they aren’t dragged around the house. And while not needed I’d really like it to look good!

Here are some I’ve seen around that maybe you haven’t seen yet

from iheart organizing

from rb3wreath on Flickr

from Lost Button Studio

from Apartment Therapy

from KatieScott at 2Peas

from Bladewood on Flickr

One REALLY cool solution I came across was BrikCrate

Here’s a little video about what it is

I have to say, it’s one of the best solutions I’ve seen yet. Although this one table wouldn’t hold all our LEGOS, it is a lot closer to my “ideal” storage solution! Here is a picture also from Brikcrate using 2 of their units

I also really liked this article How to Organize your LEGO Bricks for Efficient Building. I don’t think my boys are quite there yet but it has some great tips!

Please tell me that one of you has the perfect solution?

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I have seen so many wonderful suggestions for lego "stations" to keep things organized and fun, but getting my son to actually do more than just dump all the pieces in a bucket seems impossible. Although, he has started to sort out the mini-figures, and hero factories/bionicles, from the rest. Progress I guess. He also prefers to build and play on the floor, so we just have buckets and a piece of masonite on the floor that he uses as a "table"

  2. We are trying to figure out how to work my son's Lego/ Knex collection. I actually want him to be able to carry them around so he can build where ever he wants and then put them back in their "home". What we have now works pretty well. We have a large under the bed container. It's shallow so that it prevent's too much digging. When he's not using them they slide right under the couch or bed. I want to add a box that fits inside of that for the really small pieces. Also looking for ideas on "display" of put together Lego creations!!! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Honestly we tried several ideas. We are stuck at jump them in a tub. Well a series of tubs. I HATE the disorganization, but it is the only one that the boys have been able to keep up with cleaning up. When we had them separated different ways it was ME having to do the sorting and I'm over that.

    I love lego. LOVE it, I think they are the most brilliant toys and worth every penny we have ever spent on them. But I also hate them all over my house.


  4. what about the little building instruction booklets? do you keep them? if so, how do you organize them?

  5. oooohhhh wow. i literally feel awed by looking at those pics. i'd never thought of that!! BUT do you concern yourself with a certain "set" of legos? like starwars legos or pirate legos, and put those in a separate baggie, labeled with the instructions? or do you just forego all that and organize by color?! ps – i gave you a shout out on my recent mom blog highlights post. LOVE your blog and am now following!

  6. i just had my dad build me a lego table similar to the ones shown above; it has been great for keeping the legos organized. we separate ours by theme. we have a harry potter bin, a ninjago bin, and then we have a regular brick bin. we also have a character bin for storing all the pieces to the figures. our biggest win on the war on legos is teaching the boys that if they are one the floor they disappear. when they were smaller, they thought that meant by magic. they don't believe it's magic now, but they know if a grown up steps on one, it's gone. so if they drop one, they scream, "mommy, FREEZE! i gotta find this lego!" it works! i've never vacuumed up or stepped on a lego!

  7. There are some great storage solutions! My sons are 20 and 12. Legos were not such a huge success in our house. My oldest son would diligently build kits (also Kinex – TinkerToys were his most open ended toy.) But after the kit was done, we would store those in ziploc bags with the picture. By the time my other son was playing with them (I should add that Duplos were successful because they never came in kits) I found that once a kit was built they never touched them again. So I tried taking all the plain ones and color sorted them. I kept them in ziplocs in a big bin, but the bin remains mostly untouched. I think these storage solutions would work because the kids can easily access them. I feel bad that I have boatloads of them and my son really doesn't play with them.

  8. This is awesome,very realistic.Sometimes being imaginative make sense because you got into a great idea which is enjoyable for you to be fun with your children.Thanks for this share.

  9. I just ran across your blog and LOVE it! So many things out there for girls and not so many for boys. I am the mom of 2 boys and we have all of their Legos as well as all the Legos my husband had growing up. I came up with a storage solution last summer that is working beautifully for us. We started out having all the Legos in one of those underbed storage containers. My boys were so overwhelmed and could never find anything, that they got to a point they would not play with them. I got some hardware containers from Lowes – the ones with lots of little drawers – for about $20. We have spent hours sorting the Legos and the more we sort, the more defined the sorting becomes. It is not just sorting the shape but also now by color. We are still in process, but my boys already spend much more time playing with Legos than they used to. We put shelves up in their rooms to store the pieces they did not want to take apart and all the books are in a three ring binder in page protectors, sorted by category (Star Wars, City, etc.). Hope that helps. 🙂

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