Moms’ Night In Ideas

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Looking for some “Mom’s Night In” ideas? I love spending time with friends but sometimes a little “reason” or theme helps get the ball rolling & get it on the calendar. I’ve come up with some fun “Moms’ Night In” ideas to get you thinking about getting your own Moms’ night on the calendar whether it’s with one friend or several! Unique and easy Moms' Night In ideas + a Lime Prosecco Spritzer recipe Usually once we finally get a night (or afternoon) on the calendar, no set theme or schedule is needed to have a great time to catch up with friends, but it sure does make it fun! Being a mom is busy enough so once you get the “Moms’ Night” on the calendar don’t stress about tons of little details. A bit of food and drinks is all you need.


Unique and easy Moms' Night In ideas + a Lime Prosecco Spritzer recipe Keep it SIMPLE with food and serve things like:

  • Chocolate
  • Pizza
  • A big salad or a salad bar
  • Baked potato bar
  • Nacho bar
  • Soup with different toppings
  • Popcorn or you can take it up a notch and make a popcorn bar with all types.
  • Charcuterie Tray – don’t stress about what goes on it, have guests bring something to add or pick up things as you think about it at the grocery store. Meat, cheese, olives, fruit, nuts, bread…

Unique and easy Moms' Night In ideas + a Lime Prosecco Spritzer recipe Unique and easy Moms' Night In ideas + a Lime Prosecco Spritzer recipe For drinks

  • Lemonade
  • Spa Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Italian Soda Bar
  • Wine

You can never go wrong with wine and it doesn’t get much cuter than these individual bottles of Riondo Prosecco (it comes in bigger bottles too). With a great price point and screw-top, Riondo Prosecco is a perfect easy choice. It’s an authentic Italian prosecco and is the #1 prosecco in Italy! Unique and easy Moms' Night In ideas + a Lime Prosecco Spritzer recipe Riondo Prosecco is amazing on it’s own but you can make a signature drink for your “Moms’ Night In”. Try a Prosecco Lime Spritzer – it’s super simple but delicious! Unique and easy Moms' Night In ideas + a Lime Prosecco Spritzer recipe

Prosecco Lime Spritzer Recipe

Prosecco Lime Spritzer To make, just wet the rim of a glass with lime juice and then dip the rim in a bowl of sugar & lime zest. Pour in Riondo Prosecco and top with a bit of sparkling water. If you’re looking for more inspiration check out these Riondo Prosecco Cocktails.Prosecco Lime Spritzer Prosecco Lime Spritzer

“Moms’ Night In” Ideas

So what about things to do? If you’re inviting new friends and would love a theme to help facilitate the evening, or are just looking for fun ideas, try one of these “Moms’ Night In” ideas:

  • Recipe Test – test out a recipe you found on Pinterest to see if it’s worth making again.
  • Favorite Things – have everyone buy a “favorite thing” for each person attending. You can talk about why you love it and will get to go home with new items.
  • Accessory Exchange – clean out your accessories and swap with other moms.
  • TV Watch Night – start a new series online or plan a night to watch a favorite tv show together.
  • Movie Night
  • Spa Night – paint nails, make DIY spa treatments…
  • Craft Night
  • Swim Night
  • Game Night
  • Karaoke
  • Dance It Out (dance party)
  • Comedy Show (stream a stand up show online & enjoy without leaving home)
  • Cookie/dessert exchange
  • Make-Up Tutorial Test (try out makeup tutorials online)
  • National “whatever” Day – celebrate all the special days throughout the year like donut or chocolate chip cookie day. Make a craft & themed food. August 13th is National Prosecco Day and Riondo is actually the official prosecco of National Prosecco Day!

Whatever you choose to do for “Moms’ Night” – relax and have fun!

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