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New lunchbox joke notes + family faves

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This list of our favorites from Office Depot  & lunchbox joke notes was put together as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #GearLove

I have loved office supplies since I was little. I love the smell of paper and pencils you get when you walk through the doors. I challenged my family to find items they couldn’t live without on our latest run to Office Depot. Here’s what they came up with.

Favorite office supplies from Office Depot

Office Depot faves we can't live without

11 year old said he couldn’t live without his laptop to play Minecraft (well he told me he could live without it and wanted to get clean water tablets since he really couldn’t live without water and when I explained to him that the question wasn’t literal he went with his laptop). One issue he has with it is that it gets over heated because he’s usually using it on the sofa or the carpet so he picked out a laptop cooling pad.

My 12 year old really can’t live without books and couldn’t live without his Kindle. Did you know you can grab a Kindle gift card when you’re on your Office Depot run? Love that!

Office Depot faves we can't live without

My husband decided he couldn’t live without his car charger. He works from home and spends most of the day in the car so I’d have to agree with that one!

Me? I can’t live without notebooks (I have them almost literally everywhere in every room of the house), favorite pens, zip top storage pouches and cardstock. My favorite pens for note taking are Pentel RSVP in fine and Sharpie no bleed pens.

Why the zip top storage? I LOVE taking these on road trips and vacations to stash memorabilia in that I’ll later use for scrapbooking. This way I don’t lose them and they are all gathered in one spot.

Storage bag for keeping memorabilia while traveling

And that cardstock? Might be my favorite. I almost always print printables on this cardstock. I just love the thicker paper and it lasts longer for the boys. Like their school lunch notes. Speaking of those – I’ve made you all some new ones!

Free printable school lunch joke notesJust print out the notes, cut and store. Write a quick note on the back in the morning and throw in their lunch boxes! I know lots of your kiddos get a kick out of these.

Download/print HERE.

Check out our previous joke notes (with links to even more) HERE.

Free printable school lunch joke notes, write a quick note on the back and throw in their lunches!

Make sure to show Office Depot your favorite gear on social media by using #GearLove – maybe printing joke notes on cardstock is your favorite use of gear?

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Allison Waken is a wife, mom of boys and Phoenix, AZ native. She has been creating inspiring content for All for the Boys since 2011. Allison loves travel, movies and spending as much time as possible with her family while she can!


  1. Thanks Allison, my boys have enjoyed previous lunch box jokes, it’s now a tradition! Thanks for sharing and for making us laugh!

    • You’re so welcome! I love hearing how people use them. We’ll try to get some new ones out throughout the year as well!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing!! Can’t wait to start using these!! What a creative way to change up the traditional “mom note”.

  3. Heidi Bohanan Reply

    I came upon your website by accident, and I am so exited to use the lunch box jokes. I have two boys 8 and 10. My 10 year old is going through this phase that he wants to be funny. These jokes are perfect! Thank you for all your boy ideas. I subscribed to get your newsletter! Heidi

  4. Well, it’s a month later, but we are now back to school and needing the lunch box jokes. My 3rd grader still loves these and my new kindergartner is REALLY into telling jokes. I think these are going to be added motivation for him with his reading! We usually read the joke together in the morning, so he can share it with his friends at lunch.

    Gotta say: “Nacho Cheese” is hilarious.
    Thanks Allison!

    • So awesome! Kindergarten was a big joke telling year for us too 😉 So glad you liked them (Nacho Cheese is a favorite in our house too)

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