Paper Somersault Toy

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This DIY Paper Somersault is oddly addicting. You’ll want to play with it over and over and over…

You’ll need a square piece of paper and your hands.

Fold the paper in half (to crease) and then fold 2 corners into the crease like you’re starting a paper airplane

Fold the top point down half way

Fold the top down in half again (younger kids may need help folding this down so the first fold doesn’t slip out while you’re folding)

Take the bottom edge and fold it into the center to crease

Do the same to the other side

Take the bottom corner and fold it down to meet the first crease

Do the same with the other corner

Now fold in on the outside creases so that the toy can stand. The middle crease you won’t need and can smooth out a bit if needed.

If you stand it on the flat folded edge it won’t move

If you turn it over

It should do a somersault! (the image below should be animated)

If yours doesn’t fall all the way over adjust your creases a bit and try again.

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