Review of Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch

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We recently got a Nintendo Switch and we wanted a game that would be fun to play with our family and would appeal to multiple generations. The game that we decided on was Snipperclips! Nintendo was awesome enough to offer up a copy of the game for us  to check out!

Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch review
The main content of the game are the puzzles, which there are a lot of! You or you and a partner control two different paper characters named Snip and Clip who cut each other to solve various different puzzle types. While you can play by yourself we think it’s much more fun to play with someone else as it makes the two of you work together which can be extremely silly at times. The puzzles range from simply filling the outlined shape, to rescuing bird eggs. One of the things I liked was how simple the controls were and the arts and crafts type art style.

Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch review
While the main part of the game is the two player puzzles, there are is also the 4 player challenge mode and the 2-4 player party mode. The challenge mode puzzles are like the 2 player puzzles but a bit more challenging as there are more people you need to complete them. I found myself playing the party mode more than I thought as it’s a lot of fun to play against each other.

Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch review Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch review Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch review

My favorite thing about the game is how portable it is and how much fun it is to play with friends and family. One of the first times I played the game was with my grandpa while we were waiting at the hospital for my new cousin. We started playing it and by the time we were done we had gathered a small group of people spectating. The portable aspect makes it worth so much more knowing that you can bring it anywhere for an impromptu gaming session.

Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch review

If you are looking for a fun co-op game for your Switch, Snipperclips is a great game that is fun for all ages.

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