Mario Sports Superstars Overview & Kid Review

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Since the boys are getting older it’s about time they pulled their weight around here don’t you think? From now on when we try out games or movies you’re going to get a “review” straight from them! Nintendo provided us a copy of Mario Sports Superstars to try out and let you know what we thought! The game officially releases March 24, 2017!

Mario Sports Superstars overview and kid review

My oldest (13) actually plays his Nintendo 3DS the most. He loves it for long travel or as just a change in pace. He was excited to check out the new Mario Sports Superstars!

Here’s what Parker thought: Mario Sports Superstars is the most recent release in the Mario Sports series for the 3DS. The game consists of 5 sports and a bonus amiibo card game mode. The sports are soccer, tennis, baseball, golf, and horse racing. The amino cards for the game are fun to collect and show Mario characters playing sports.

Mario Sports Superstars overview and kid review

All of the sports are entertaining and fun to play, especially golf, which is my favorite. Tennis is fun and fast-paced, soccer performs like other soccer games, and baseball takes timing and a watchful eye. Horse racing which is new to the series, is reminiscent of Mario Kart and is a bunch of fun! The amiibo mode called Road to Superstar requires you to strategically place your card on the field for you to use it to hit horseshoes, tennis balls, soccer balls, baseballs, and golf balls to destroy bricks and defeat enemies. You can also use your amiibo cards to unlock the “star” versions of all the characters which perform better in game.

Mario Sports Superstars overview and kid reviewMario Sports Superstars overview and kid review
If you’re a Mario, Mario Kart, or any Mario sports fan  you’ll definitely want to Mario Sports Superstars! The amiibo cards are a fun addition but definitely not necessary to the enjoy the game if you’re not the collector type. The boys love these because it’s a fresh way to play the game each time you get new ones so perfect to add to the longevity of the game!

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