Super Fun At Home Escape the Room Game

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It’s no secret that we love a good game night and the Escape the Room type events and activities are super popular right now so we were excited to check out a new game from ThinkFun called Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor. They sent us one to try out and share our thoughts with you.

Escape the Room at home escape room type party game

I had one boy that was excited and another who wasn’t as excited to be joining in on family game night on this particular night. This game can be played with your family for a game night like we did or for a full blown super fun themed game night with your friends.


Escape the Room at home escape room type party game

ThinkFun even has a website set up with interactive invitations, music, costume ideas, a video intro to the story you could show, and hints to help you out if you get stuck.

We decided to try it out with the family so we could let you know how it was.

Escape the Room at home escape room type party game Escape the Room at home escape room type party game Escape the Room at home escape room type party game

It is SO much fun. It took us most of the time (you can set a timer to see if you can solve it in time) because we stopped to serve dinner, but everyone got involved and were totally into it by the time we were done.

The boys were talking about how they wanted to set up a whole themed night now and be the hosts for their friends to see if they could solve it.

It’s definitely for older kids (suggested age 10+) because some of the clues need some different types of thinking to solve. It’s a really fun story, great puzzles and an interactive game to play with your family and friends.

Escape the Room at home escape room type party game

The game website has instructions to package the game back up so you can pass it along to your friends and family. It’s a good price too considering the price of going to one of the event places and would be such a fun night for kids or several families to do together.

Escape the Room at home escape room type party game

They are working on some new stories and the boys already asked if we could get them!

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  1. Yes! We played this too! It was beautifully designed and SO much fun. We want the next one too!

    • Now we just have to decide whether we’ll wait to do the next one with friends at a party or as a family game night again. Everyone was involved and it was such a fun night!

  2. How long would you estimate it would take to solve? I’m looking for a game to do at our upcoming party – both adults & kids (all over 10 years old) would this be suitable for adults too?

    • Absolutely suitable for adults! My husband and I loved playing it and would play it with only adult friends again! The instructions say 1.5 hours for a larger group. I’d say that’s about right and depends on how you go about playing it. If you’re timing yourself you’d set a timer for that time and try to solve it before time is up. In this case you’d want to eat/socialize before or after. Does that make sense? So depending on the party/people playing it might be solved quickly, but still a very fun party game for sure!

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