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This DIY game night trophy and our love for #HungryHungryHippos as part of a paid Hasbro sponsored series for Socialstars™. 

I LOVE game night. A night to unplug, talk, laugh and, in this house, have some friendly competition.

Family game night & a DIY trophy!The Hungry Hungry Hippos game has long been a family favorite. It’s one that is still constantly pulled out because it’s simple, fun and everyone wants to play!

Family game night & a DIY trophy!Especially on the nights where there isn’t a lot of time, or everyone has had a long day, it’s such a great game night choice! Since I pulled it out for game night last week, the boys have played it with my niece, nephew and friends that have come over. It’s so hard to resist playing when it’s just sitting there!

I think everyone loves the nostalgia of this game (including me and my husband) and the fact that everyone knows how to play so it’s always a game night “regular” in this house.

Family game night & a DIY trophy!To make game nights this year even more fun I thought I’d make up a little trophy to display the winner’s name until the next game night! To make a game night trophy just find random objects around the house.

Family game night & a DIY trophy!Using a high quality adhesive, glue everything together and give it plenty of time to dry.

Family game night & a DIY trophy!I even added some letter stickers. Even though these are adhesive themselves I added some additional adhesive so they’d last.

Family game night & a DIY trophy!Once dry, spray paint the whole thing gold.

Family game night & a DIY trophy!I added a chalkboard label (also secured with additional adhesive) so that the winner’s name could be displayed.

Family game night & a DIY trophy! Family game night & a DIY trophy!We’ll display this on a shelf in the living room and change up the name each week (or whenever the next game night is)! It will be fun to add friends’ names to the trophy as well.

We often combine game night with dinner to keep everyone at the table a bit longer. We don’t have certain nights designated for game night but do try and have them often. I know we don’t do them nearly enough!

Family game night & a DIY trophy!Is the Hungry Hungry Hippos game a family game night favorite in your house?!

Family game night & a DIY trophy!


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