Dr. Seuss Quote Printable

After going over some of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes last week I thought I’d print this one to hang up in the boys’ bathroom. Thought you might like it as well!



 personal use only


Before I forget the winner of the Happy Family Movement Indoor Adventure Guide Giveaway is…

#15 Ashley who said “Awesome. Love your site and the happy fam. Movement. Always encourages me to spend more quality time with my boys.”

Congrats Ashley! I have your email and I’ll pass it along to the Happy Family Movement!!


  1. Cheree says

    Okay…funny. Of course since it's late, and I have "mommy brain" because I have a 3-month old, my husband had to spell it out for me the reason you're putting it up in the bathroom. Pretty cool quote though, since I was all thinking deeply about my kids reading that and thinking of making good choices throughout their life. But it's obvious now, you're wanting your boys to "steer" where they'll go! I'll think I'll put it up in my boys' bathroom too!

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