DIY Articulated Skeleton Hand

A fun craft for Halloween or anytime teaches kids a bit about anatomy.

I used a free skeleton hand clip art from here. You can also trace yours/your kids hand on paper. You’ll need a paper hand, straws, string and scissors

Cut the straws into pieces to fit on your hand. I used 4 per phalange (2 on the thumb)

You’ll need to secure your string to the top of the finger. I made a small hole with an exacto knife and tied it but if you have large beads you could tie one to the top (so that it doesn’t slide through the straw).

String your string through all the straws of your finger.

Glue them to the hand leaving a bit of space between each one.

Continue for all the fingers

Pull the corresponding string to move the finger and hang loose.

He thinks you’re number 1.


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