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2018 Gift Guide – Games, Electronics, Accessories, & Active Ideas

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Each year we get offered items to put on our gift guide but IF I do have products sent we only include them if the boys & I approve and think they’d make a great gift. We actually didn’t accept many this year as the boys are getting older but we were a part of a paid program with Ubisoft through Mom Select and have worked with brands like Sphero in the past. Either way, we actually LOVE choosing items for our gift guides each year and hope you enjoy looking through them and are inspired to find great gifts for your family and friends.

2018 Gift Ideas from

I put together a sort of random gift guide this year with some of our favorite products, games, and ideas. Most of the ideas on our past gift guides are still awesome gift ideas so be sure to check them out. This list isn’t exclusively boy gift ideas (as usual) but does have some diverse and fun electronic, video game, family board game, accessory, active and experience gift ideas!

Electronics / Video Games

Gift ideas for tweens & teens - electronics & video games

  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas – available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One this fun game includes modular toys that allow you to build (and changeup) a starship while you play! You mount the starship to a controller mount that comes with each starter pack. This is such a great game for kids who have outgrown the “babyish” games and are ready for a more mature game. I love that it has appropriate content but higher level gameplay. Plus you can add on to the modular toys throughout the year so the game feels different each time you play. And bonus, it’s available at GREAT prices right now!
  • Gaming Headset – a headset is always a good choice for gamers. We love this new one for PC gamers in our house. You can read more about it here. Just make sure you choose one that works seamlessly with the platform you play most on.
  • Nintendo Switch – our most played gaming system! We love that you can easily travel with it. My boys have even brought it to the waiting room while my sister in law was having a baby and played games with the grandparents on it!
  • Wireless Earbuds – whether you buy a pair of official Apple AirPods or a cheaper version, this is a fun gift to include under the tree. There are even some options for sports!
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  – this game just releases on 12/7 so it’s going to be super popular this year!
  • Gaming Chair – a good option and something they might not ask for! There are computer gaming chairs and floor chairs. Some with speakers and cupholders and all sorts of options.
  • Sphero App-Enabled Robots – Sphero BOLT is the newest but there are lots of fun robot options if you don’t have any in your family yet. Even a pocket-sized mini at a great price!
  • Echo Dot – music player, gaming, homework help, and bonus – a room to room intercom! The Echo Dot is a fun device to have in all the rooms in your house. You can even set it up for kids.
  • Portable Speaker – my kids love having portable speakers around the house, but they use them for sports at school too!
  • Record Player – teens love nostalgia and a record player can be a fun gift for the music lover in your family.


Game gift ideas for kids, teens, and familiesf


There are SO many great games out. These are just a few fun choices you may not have seen yet!

  • Not Parent Approved – a fun “fill in the blank” type of game for tweens!
  • Connect 4 Shots – we posted a fun video of this one on our Facebook page! It’s a quick to learn and fun to play version of Connect 4 that gets you up off your feet.
  • Disney Codenames – any of the Codename versions would be fun. This newer version is fun with kids (or Disney lovers).
  • SuperFight – my boys’ favorite to play with family. You argue over whose hand (superhero & power) would win.
  • Tenzi or Qwixx – both fun, fast dice games
  • Googly Eyes Game – a silly vision altering game of drawing
  • Tabletop Curling – a fun portable version of a classic
  • It’s In the Bag – sort of a mashup of party games. 3 rounds and you have to help your team guess words through descriptions, one word, or acting. You can even add on holiday cards.
  • SKYJO – if you like to play UNO you’ll love this one.
  • Pun Intended – perfect for the family of pun lovers.
  • MEME game Disney version – a silly, current, easy to play game for the family (grandparents will have fun with this one too).

Accessories for Kids & Teens

Gift ideas for kids & teens - accessories


  • Arcade Belts – these are my absolute favorite accessory to buy for teens this year. My entire family wears these and we LOVE them. They’re elastic & have no metal parts so fly through security (the boys always had to take off their belts before even though we have TSA pre-check). They’re low profile too so they don’t make your clothes stick out. They’re perfect for golf and all kinds of sports, they come in tons of cool patterns, and are a great gift idea for someone that’s hard to buy for.
  • Crazy Socks – Stance is a good brand to look at, but there are TONS of options depending on what they’re into
  • Stainless Water Bottle – everyone needs a water bottle for school or sports. HydroFlask is a popular option this year!
  • Stickers/Decals – kids and teens love personalizing their things with decals (like their water bottles) so a big pack of decals they can sort through and share is a fun idea. Keep an eye out when you’re shopping for some fun options too.
  • Enamel Pins – enamel pins are fun to collect too. Teens put them on their bags or denim jackets.
  • Hats/Beanies – find out what style they’re into (there are trucker hats, flat billed, “Dad” hats…) and pick out a new hat or two to add to their collection.
  • Wallet – a new wallet is always an easy option. These magic wallets are fun.

Gift Ideas for Active Kids & Teens

Gift Ideas for active kids and teens


  • Longboard – even if they already have a skateboard, a longboard is a fun gift idea. It’s more for cruising around the neighborhood and everyone in my family loves riding them. I bought this brand last year. It’s held up well and you can’t beat the price!
  • KanJam – a fun disc (frisbee) game
  • Electric Scooter – these are popular this year and there are many options to choose from depending on age
  • Stomp Rocket – these are always a great gift idea because they require no batteries, and kids will play with them for a long time!
  • EzyRoller – a classic and fun ride on toy
  • Pogo Jumper – a fun choice for active little ones to use inside or outside
  • Web Swing – so much fun and a variety of options to choose from depending on how you want to hang it or how much weight you want it to hold
  • gofindit – an outdoor scavenger hunt game for families
  • American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course – 33 pieces to set up your own obstacles at home! It comes with ideas for course set up and different competition ideas.

Experience Ideas

Fun ways to wrap up gifts of experiences.

Check out this post on fun ways to gift experiences. I think mixing something to wrap with an experience is a perfect mix! Don’t forget to check sites like Groupon or GoldStar for great deals on local gifts. We love Get Away Today for Disneyland or Universal Studios tickets.

  • Concert
  • Symphony
  • Museums
  • Fun Run
  • Driving Range
  • Indoor Sky Diving
  • Zoo or Aquarium
  • Go Kart Racing
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding or other water activities
  • Movie Tickets / Gift Cards
  • Movie Party
  • Sports Game
  • Family Trip (even if it’s just a night away in a nearby town)
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