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Active Gift Ideas for the Family – Toys for the Family

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Do you play as a family? It gets more difficult as the kids get older for sure. We started a tradition a while ago to make giving families a fun active gift that they can all play with or work out together a priority. Here are some toys we’ve found over the last couple of years to inspire everyone in the family to get up and play.

Active Gift Ideas for the Family – Toys for the Family

  • Pindaloo skill game – a ball and a rainbow-shaped tube, once you start, you won’t be able to put this one down!
  • Z00m-Ball – I honestly don’t know why this is so fun. Maybe it’s the feeling of playing ball in the house, maybe it’s the effort to send it back to your sibling harder than they did. My brother and I played this when we were younger and I recently introduced it to my boys. The first day I pulled it out we spent a good 3o minutes laughing and zipping it back and forth.
  • Shape-Shifting Box – manipulatives or fidget toys are so popular right now and for a good reason. This one looks SO cool and definitely something everyone in the family will want to get their hands on at some point.
  • Bottle Bash – this lawn game is the family favorite from the last couple of years and anyone that’s been able to come over to play has agreed!
  • Gel Water Bullet Blaster – if you’re a NERF gun family these are the latest thing. You can shoot gel water balls (eco-friendly) that burst immediately after encountering obstacles.
  • Hook and Loop Ball Catch Paddle Set – these are the best things to pull out whenever you have a little space and want to waste a little time. Timeless and always relevant just a touch easier than playing a game of catch.

We are still researching and finding more fun family toys before the holidays but please send us your favorites so we can add them to our list to test out!

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