DIY Avengers Pillowcases

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We still love (and use) our Star Wars pillowcases so we had to make some new ones to go along with our Avengers movie marathon. Freezer paper is still my absolute favorite way to create designs on fabric!

DIY Avengers Pillowcases

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The basic instructions for this project are cut the design out of freezer paper, iron waxy side down onto the pillowcase with the steam turned off on your iron, paint with fabric paint, peel off freezer paper. I thought I’d give some tips this time around instead of a full on tutorial. You can see more step by steps for using freezer paper on this post (including silhouette settings if you have one).

This is what freezer paper looks like. I picked up this roll a few years ago and I’m STILL on the same roll.

Freezer paperFor the Avengers pillowcases I used the designs from Doodle Craft blog. If you’re looking for more, I love using pumpkin stencils because they are often easier to cut out. Here are some tips on a successful project:

  • Make sure to cut waxy side down. Print out your design and place over (or under) the  freezer paper as you cut with a craft knife.
  • Before ironing place a piece of cardboard or several pieces of thick paper between layers of a shirt or pillowcase so the paint doesn’t seep through.
  • Make sure your steam setting is OFF, you want a dry iron.
  • Get as much of the freezer paper stuck down as possible so paint doesn’t seep underneath.
  • For best results use a SPOUNCER foam brush and just dab the paint on. This keeps it from seeping under any spaces in the freezer paper. Don’t press too fast or paint will splatter (you can also cover up the exposed parts of your shirt or pillowcase with newspaper to prevent splatter).
  • Use fabric paint (my favorite)
  • For longevity “set” your paint after it’s 100% dry by dry ironing over the paint. Be careful not to go too hot or it could discolor your paint slightly.

DIY Avengers Pillowcase

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m working on a video for a super secret project that I’ll share in a couple weeks if you need more guidance using freezer paper.

DIY Avengers Pillowcase

DIY Avengers Pillowcase

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  1. I’m not clear about how you put the pattern and the freezer paper and where did you paint (on the freezer paper or right on the pillowcase)? I would love to do this for my boys. I am usually great with DIY crafts with step-by-step pictures. Thanks!

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