DIY Emoji Flower Pot – How Are You Feeling Today?

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Painting flower pots is one of those tried and true “regular” crafts for kids. Everyone likes flowers or plants and painting a flower pot is a fun way to get some creative juices out. We used a fake plant from the Target Dollar Spot because I, for the life of me, cannot keep anything alive.

DIY emoji flower or plant potThis pot is plastic so we used paint that would stick to plastic, but if you’re using the regular clay kind acrylic paint is great!

Give the pot a few good coats of yellow and allow to dry completely.

DIY emoji flower or plant pot

DIY emoji flower or plant potYou can do one face per pot (a collection of them would be fun!) or several like we did and turn it to show what mood you are in. Using a small paintbrush paint in any of the white spots first.

DIY emoji flower or plant potWe used a Sharpie for the black (easier for the kids) but you could use black paint as well! Last, add in the pink, blue, red or any other colors. This guy is my favorite.

DIY emoji flower or plant potHere’s all of ours!

DIY emoji flower or plant potWe already want to make some more and are brainstorming what else we can paint emoji’s onto. Maybe even the new Star Wars emojis from Twitter?

DIY emoji flower or plant pot

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