What Invisalign® is Like: From a Teen

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Disclosure: Parker is receiving complimentary treatment but, as usual, opinions here and expressed in the comments are 100% our own.

To catch up on our Invisalign® process I thought you all should hear from Parker about his experience so far! Honestly, it’s been so simple for him that he rarely even mentions having them. We just went in to see Dr. Feldman at Feldman Orthodontics in Surprise (or Scottsdale) and they checked his progress and ordered his next set of aligners! The whole appointment took maybe 10 minutes and we were out the door. I didn’t ask Parker anything specific, just asked him to write what he’d tell his friends about having Invisalign®.

What Invisalign® is like from a teen's perspective

Here’s what he had to say:

Having Invisalign has been a pretty simple process. You don’t have to go in a bunch to have braces aligned or repaired, and it’s pretty painless. I went in the first time, and they scanned my teeth with this tool. It put a 3D model of my teeth on a computer, and that was it. A little while later, my first set of trays came in. At first they were pretty snug, and that was the only time I had some discomfort, but that went away quick.

I learned that you should make sure there’s no food on your teeth before you put your trays in and to make sure you keep your teeth clean or they  could start to smell a little. A good cleaning fixes that though. I also learned that it would be over before I knew it, because I went through all my trays pretty fast the first time! It was easy getting my new ones. I just went in and picked them up. Pretty easy. I really like how close they looked to regular teeth, my mom still asks sometimes if I have them in or not.

What Invisalign® is like from a teen's perspective

We are both truly pleased with the entire process and would do it again in a heartbeat!

What Invisalign® is like from a teen's perspective

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Parker Waken is a 15 year old from Phoenix, AZ. His mom Allison started All for the Boys blog when he was 8 years old. Parker now adds to the site with a teen perspective on movies, products and travel locations.

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  1. Mind you I’m 27 years old and I just got Invisalign and just got to my 3rd tray today and I’m very pleased with how simple it is. The first week was a little rocky but now I find it so easy to get them in and out and I’m not drooling every where. I still have some issues pronouncing some words still but that’s getting better with each day. Don’t get me wrong it’s a life-changing for how many times you have to brush your teeth, and carry a little kit with you in case you go out somewhere.

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