Learning About Lenses

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My favorite piece of equipment is my camera and I hope my boys get some of that love from me! I couldn’t believe I’d never shown them this fun activity before but I hadn’t and thank goodness they thought it was pretty cool.

You’ll need a magnifying glass (a fun “toy” to keep I found this one at Michael’s recently but have also seen them at the dollar store!) and a white board, paper or wall.

You can do this with any light source – we used a big window/door and the tv at night.

Hold your magnifying glass near the white board between the board and the light source. Slowly move the magnifying glass away and towards the board until you get a clear picture. It’s upside down!

They liked the tv best but I wanted to show them that it didn’t just work with electronics. Next I think we’ll need to make a camera!

For the actual science behind this there is great info and illustrations HERE

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  1. Melissa Witzgall Reply

    That is pretty neat, I myself didnt know that. Will be sure to share it with my children.

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