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Since I’m having crazy internet issues trying to get my post up I’ll share pictures from our weekend instead!

Where do you go as a Mom of boys when you head to Southern California (and you they love creepy crawlies)?

Why the Reptile Show of course 😉


All 3 boys were very excited for this show. They wanted to see the different color morphs of snakes and see all the interesting things people had brought along.


There were even 2 headed bearded dragons


But what they really loved was meeting the brothers from Swamp Brothers. Have you seen this show on the Discovery channel? The boys (all 3 of them) like watching it but all of us liked meeting them. They actually talked about how being brothers was so important and that family was always the most important thing to them. The youngest brother even teared up when talking about his mom that passed away 🙁 They were so great with the boys. It was nice to meet some down to earth real guys.


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  1. I would love to go to the show with my kids but there is no way any of it is coming home with us – I'm a wimpy mom of boys in dealing with pets

  2. I just discovered your blog and am SO happy i did! I have 2 boys and one daughter. My mom has 17 grandkids, and of them 14 of them are boys!!! haha. we are always looking for good ideas.
    Just wondering if you have a link to the Reptile Show you attended. We live in Southern CA and my oldest would LOVE IT! his dad wouldn't mind either;)

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