2015 Gift Guide – 8 to Teens

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For our last gift guide of the year (since we’re running out of time) I combined the 8 and up guides into one. Once they hit 8 I feel like kids have different interests, different maturity levels etc. and shopping tends to get more personalized. They may still love LEGO sets or certain book series. They may start collecting certain things etc. Here is an overall guide that older kids in a large age range may like!

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A gift guide for older kids - maybe 8 to teen? Great general ideas!

  1. BB-8 Sphero – Sphero is already our fave and this may be the top gift of the entire year. You can still pick one up for the original price on Sphero’s site!
  2. Osmo – if you haven’t seen this yet it’s a really cool add on to an iPad and is great for a lot of ages. It has games, drawing and more – check it out to see all it can do.
  3. Magnetic darts – simple, but a classic and something anyone would love.
  4. Bluetooth headphones – if you have a kid not asking for a specific pricey pair this pair of headphones has good reviews!
  5. Ollie or any of the other Sphero family – we love them all and you really can’t go wrong! If they don’t have one it is sure to be a hit.
  6. Razor Sole Skate Рa fun active gift for the kid who loves anything they can ride on.
  7. Star Wars books – it’s sure to be a Star Wars Christmas this year so get the kids caught up on everything they need to know.
  8. Death Star Perplexus – we’ve featured the perplexus before. It’s such a fun toy and made even better this year!
  9. A drone – these will definitely be a popular gift this year as well. The Parrot mini drones have worked the best for us in the $100 price range (the more you pay the better they are).
  10. Makes Makey – Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads! Just plug, clip, and play! No programing knowledge needed.
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