Meet the Newest Family Members!

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We have a few new family members!

The newest family members in a salt tank!

My oldest has been OBSESSED with the ocean/fish tanks/aquariums/salt tanks lately. He’s the kind of kid that gets into something and then REALLY gets into it. My husband has maintained and had salt and reef tanks of his own so he’s no stranger to the work that goes into them. That still didn’t deter my 13 year old (he already knew anyway since he had researched it a ton) so he saved up his money and started his own little 7 gallon reef tank.

We found a used tank with the sand and a bit of live rock and added on to it. So far he’s got:

  • 1 mocha clownfish
  • one misbar clownfish
  • 1 red and green zoanthid
  • 5 cleaner snails
  • 5 cleaner hermit crabs

And yes, I had to ask him what we had 😉

The newest family members in a salt tank!

He’s super excited to add more corals to the tank and has already talked about learning out to “frag” or fragment them.

The newest family members in a salt tank!

I’ll try to get some better photos as the tank progresses but thought it would be fun to share here! We all love watching the tank. It really is very relaxing!

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