Monster Truck Car Smashers

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If you have a kid that likes cars this one is for you. Even if they haven’t been that into their toy cars lately, this Monster Truck car smasher activity will definitely get them interested. You can easily make cars they can smash with their toy Monster Trucks just like in Monster Jam!

How to Make DIY Car Smashers for Toy Monster Trucks

All you need are cars, monster trucks or RC car would be cool too, foil, and scissors. We prefer heavy duty foil because it holds up to more re-forms than the regular giving you more life out of your DIY cars.

Cut a piece of foil that will fit nicely around a car without really going under it.

Wrap the car in the small piece of foil making sure to press it into the details if you want a more realistic look.

Line them all up and smash away!

Monster truck smash activity Monster truck smash activity Monster truck smash activity

I swear my brother had some sort of similar toy when he was little but I couldn’t find it online. Don’t stop at cars, you could wrap foil around any toy to smash with the Monster Trucks. Make some ramps out of cardboard and you have yourself a whole track!

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  1. This is awesome! We just went to see monster trucks at monster jam and my son has been talking and wanting to crush cars ever since! perfect timing!

  2. This is brilliant. And I want to say the same about seeing this sort of thing when I was little. But I like your free version!

  3. Love this. I did this with my four year old yesterday and he had so much fun!

  4. this truck is pretty cool . when i was young ,i had no toys to enjoy .I alway tried to do
    anewtoymyself . so if you have no toy , just do it yourself!

  5. Awesome! I remember the toy you're talking about, too, but I can't for the life of me recall the name. When my son got into monster trucks when he was two, I went around to the local vintage toy shops, hobby shops, craft shops, freakin' everywhere looking for it. All of the people I asked, to a one, gave me a blank expression and said some derivative of "Yeah, I have no idea what you are talking about."

  6. This is such a great idea for my boys. Thanks for sharing. We're excited to try this and see how much fun it really is!

  7. Amazing idea. Aluminum foil can be used in so many ways but I never actually thought of wrapping a small car with it.

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