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Staying active with the boys during the Holidays

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So many of us get so crazy busy this time of year that we are less and less active (unless you count staying up until the wee hours of the morning trying to snag that perfect gift on sale as being active then I am REALLY active lol!) We are so lucky to live in the desert where the holidays mean more and more outdoor time! I thought it would be fun to partner up with Kohl’s and show you what I do as a busy┬ámom of 2 (well 4 if you count the furry ones) to stay active during the busiest time of the year.

Many nights a week, tired or not, the 2 furry kids won’t let us sit down until they get their exercise in. So we often take a walk around the neighborhood while the boys tag along on their bikes, scooters or rollerblades.

Staying active during the holidaysI love these Champion tights. They are super fun and colorful and I joke that you can’t miss me in the dark when I’m wearing them ­čśë I paired it with this Stonewear Designs hiking top.

The thing that helps me the most is to put my workout clothes on in the morning. If I have everything on I’m much more likely to get something active in. That usually means that it’s a little more than a t-shirt from high school and old gym shorts though (because if I┬áfeel like I have on a┬ácute outfit I’m much more likely to leave the house). I try to get the boys out to burn off energy while getting myself a little movement in as well so hiking is often a top pick. Plus with this view and 70 degrees how can you go wrong?!

Staying active during the holidays

Staying active during the holidays

Staying active during the holidaysI’m a big baby about being cold so layers are my friends. Especially in Phoenix you learn real quickly that even though it’s warm outside a lot of stores or restaurants will still have their AC’s blasting which makes it super cold inside. This is one of my favorite combos because it’s easy to throw on but looks cute and pulled together. Hoodie / Tank / Capris / Shoes

This outfit went from hiking, to lunch, to errands at the hardware store.

Staying active during the holidays

I love going to the gym (especially if it’s a quick 30 minutes alone) but again, it happens so much more if I’m dressed┬áready to go and can run out the door when the timing is right.

Staying active during the holidaysHaving super comfy leggings like these makes throwing on a sweater over a tank or workout top easy to wear all day. Leggings / Tee / Shoes

Football is a newer hobby in this house so I’ve been jumping in with the boys when I can. I don’t understand all the rules yet but I can toss the football around (no making fun of my throw ­čśë ) in the backyard or at the park. I’ve jumped in a game or two wearing jeans that didn’t end very flattering for me so having active clothes already on makes it easier for me to get in there, get active and engage the boys.┬áMy boys have been plotting and planning a full flag football game for Thanksgiving so I need to brush up on my skills!

Staying active during the holidays

Staying active during the holidays

Staying active during the holidaysGotta love those layers!

Top / Leggings / Scarf found at a Kohl’s store.

I love all the options Kohl’s has online in their active wear section. I can’t wait to add more to my collection this season! What do you do to stay active during the Holidays?

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