2014 Halloween Costumes + Reminder

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Halloween Costumes

It doesn’t have to be Halloween around here in order for someone in the house to be in costume. It definitely helps, but we have 2 bins full of costumes because they get pulled out often for impromptu skits when friends are over or fashion shows when my niece and nephew are visiting. Or you know, for doing math (like the photo above).

The last couple years I have not been able to predict what the boys are going to want to be. It changes and is all across the board! This year invited us to try out their site and I was happy to let the boys do their own shopping for costumes! They love popular, traditional and funny costume choices. The browsed the site And they browsed it for more than a day deciding what they wanted.

You’ll definitely want to shop early if your kids want a popular costume, but there are tons of choices at We were even trying to decide on a costume for the dogs (we never came to a decision). So, just to keep me guessing the boys finally decided on 2 totally random costumes that I never would have guessed they would have chosen this year. And they both love their choices now that they are here in hand lol!

Halloween CostumesJack Sparrow (we call him Bax Jarrow since my youngest pronounced it that way as a toddler) and a banana. A banana contemplating the universe apparently. Who knew?

Halloween CostumesThey both have already worn their costumes for messing around the house and taking photos of each other. I don’t know how long their love of improv will last, but I hope it’s a while because it’s very entertaining 😉

Halloween CostumesHaving the boys shop online this year saved a lot the long in store decision making which I for one am not a fan of.

Halloween Costumes may just become our regular stop! If you’re shopping be sure to check out the deal codes on the top left side of their home page to save some money!

So what’s the reminder? Well #1 – don’t wait until the last minute like I normally do and spend days scouring the internet trying to find the costume your kid is dying to have and #2 – take photos of them in their costumes now while you’re thinking about it so you don’t miss out in the business of Halloween!

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