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It’s no secret that we love LEGO in our house and we love sharing them with friends and family as well. We have some friends with younger boys (and a girl) who love to see what our boys are in to. They have always loved checking out the boys’ LEGO collections so we decided to surprise them on their last visit with their own sets perfect for their age range!

LEGO JUNIORSLEGO® JUNIORS is designed to give children age 4-7 a great first experience with LEGO bricks through iconic, fun and easy to build models. LEGO JUNIORS sets contain quick start elements and numbered pre-packed bags that can be built without help from Mom or Dad – which makes any small builder extra proud.

LEGO JUNIORS perfect for younger builders

Since it was their first time building a set all on their own they needed a little confidence booster from my boys who have built plenty on their own. Once they got started they were all in!

LEGO JUNIORS perfect for younger buildersThey liked the numbered bags but I think they liked building on their own just as much.

LEGO JUNIORS perfect for younger makersThere has been a lot of talk about the maker movement lately and for good reason. Making and playing are a critical part of a child’s development as it is how he/she discovers and learns about the world. Making is the simple act of doing. It is both a physical experience—being hands on—and awareness that the world is constantly being built and rebuilt.In order to develop as creative thinkers, children need opportunities, stimulating environments and engaging materials to Make. Offering young children age-appropriate supplies is an important part of the journey. Materials like LEGO® JUNIORS bricks set kids up for successful, non-frustrating, experiences for them to Make and re-Make.


They built the first part of their set fairly quickly and were ready to move on to the next!


There are numbered bags but the boys preferred to take theirs out.


It was so fun seeing the kids work together to create something they all wanted to play with. These sets had some quick start elements to make the building process a bit easier for the 4-7 age range to put together without help from mom or dad. I love that there is something for that in between age (although I don’t mind putting sets together myself)!


How do you encourage your little makers to create on their own?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. My four year-old son LOVES the Lego Juniors! Before we found them he would get so frustrated wanting to play with the “big boy Legos” like he saw at school, but we just really felt like he wasn’t ready to do things like that on his own. These have been a wonderful bridge for us!

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