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What’s with boys and critters? It’s like it’s engrained in their DNA to hunt for bugs and have a curiosity about all types of animals. I’m sure if you have an older boy you’ve experienced the fun of having some slimy creature shoved in your face.

Look, I’m not against worms, I just don’t want one shoved unknowingly in my face 😉

Here is where I introduce you to our creepy crawlies.

(these are older photos)

We have Tom and Geri (Geri is a girl, hence the spelling). Currently we are trying to move them into two separate cages because they are getting too big to share and then I have to find a place for the new cages. How on earth do you fit snake cages into your decor? I’m being taken over by boys!

This hampster cage made out of an Ikea bookshelf isn’t too bad. Certainly a little better than one of the standard glass cages thrown on top of something (like we do now). 


This isn’t my first time having reptiles in the house though. Before the boys were born Jared actually bred snakes and we had hundreds (yes hundreds at one point) of snakes in the house. I think this was preparing me to be an all boy mom! They all got new homes after the boys were born, but now that they are older they are getting into it just like their dad. 

We have the frames of the cages made up I just have NO clue where I’m going to put them.

Do you have creepy crawlies at your house or seen any neat cage displays lately?

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  1. We have had all kinds of reptiles. Currently we have 2 bearded dragons. Amazingly sweet lizards!! But snakes… umm dont know if i can go there! Ha ha

  2. But the thing that makes me I am asked Alice breeding reptiles and snakes scary even with the existing cages

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