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SWOOP Bag Giveaway!

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Finding just the right storage for our LEGO bricks (as you know) has been a never ending process. We have them stored nicely in drawer/bins right now but the biggest complaint is that the boy have to dump them out to find what they are looking for so there is a never ending supply of LEGO bricks all over the floor all the time. I’ve seen Swoop bags before and was SO excited to get our fist bag to try out.

It. Is. Awesome.

It’s made from a sturdy cotton canvas and a thick nylon cording. To try it out we dumped a full 12qt bucket onto the Swoop Bag and there was still plenty of room for more. The BEST part is that they can move pieces around and find exactly what they are looking for. No digging. Then it all cinches right up and off the floor!

You could store it in the same drawers or bins, hang it, or shove it on a shelf and out of the way.

We are all so excited about it we can’t stop telling our friends lol! It’s SO smart and great for travel! They even have a mini bag that would be great for smaller collections or even crayons (we have the same digging issue there too).

I can’t tell you how much we are loving our Swoop Bag – we need to order 5 more I think! Here’s a great video of one in action

I’m not going to ask you if you want one because trust me, you do.

You can stay in touch with All for the Boys and Swoop Bags on Facebook. Visit Swoop Bags to purchase your own!

Now how about that giveaway! Enter for your chance to win 1 Swoop Bag Original in Tractor Red just like we have.

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Disclosure: We were given a Swoop Bag to try out but all experiences, excitement, and opinions are completely our own. In case you couldn’t tell we LOVE this product.

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