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Naked Egg science experiment with video!

Naked Egg and other Experiments

Have you tried the naked egg experiment yet? It's so easy, but so cool! We made a video for the Kix Cereal blog about the last time we did it! We've also made a few other videos I don't think I shared here! Like making ice cream in a bag Or poking pencils through a plastic bag of … Continue Reading

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foil fun

Foil Fun

The last 3 days have been crazy and cooped up around here so I try to get everyone out of the house at least to the dog park while the house is under construction. That means lots of video game and lots of car time. … Continue Reading


8 Road Trip Ideas

Post contains affiliate links Fall is a big travel season for many people. Even though school is starting many are also planning trips! Here are 8 road trip tips/ideas to try on your next trip. What works for … Continue Reading