Indoor & Outdoor Activities to Keep Big & Little Kids Busy at Home

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With most families at home, I know a lot of us are searching for new ideas to keep our (big and little) kids busy. Going outside to play has always been my favorite way to burn off some energy. We’ve pulled together some ideas of simple activities to keep the kids busy with the help from our partners at Razor.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities to Keep Big & Little Kids Busy at Home

Here are some ideas from Razor and from right here on All for the Boys blog:

  • New Razor scooter or skateboard! This is perfect for any age because Razor has a wide range of FUN ride ons for kids. Even my teens want in on the fun with their RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard. Ok, teens and parents. If you aren’t familiar with Razor – check out their products. I love that you can search by age so you can find something fun (and active) for the whole family to use all summer long.
  • Make an obstacle course for your outdoor scooters/bikes/skateboards.
  • Make a pretend skating rink with sidewalk chalk to scoot around with whatever you have on wheels!
  • Simon Says – This classic game gets an indoor twist with commands like “Simon says hop to your pillow and back,” “Simon Says run up the stairs and back,” and “Simon Says bring me a spoon”
  • Water Fun Cup Races 
  • Dance Party – Nothing gets kids going like a dance party! Pick a favorite playlist and crank up the jams! Learn a new move on YouTube or try a round of freeze dance, pausing your music and holding statue-still till it starts up again (Alexa is a great freeze dance partner!)
  • Paper Airplanes
  • Tape Shapes – Clear some space on a non-carpeted floor and use painter’s tape to make large triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles on the floor. Assign each child a starting space, then call moves like “crab walk to the circle,” “crawl to the square,” or “jump backwards to the rectangle.”
  • Make a target for throwing any ball
  • Balloon Ball – Blow up some balloons, toss a sheet over two chairs to make a “net”, and serve up a round of indoor balloon volleyball – just don’t let that balloon touch the floor!
  • Cup Stacking
  • Laundry Basketball – If your kids are bonkers for basketball, empty out a laundry basket and take turns tossing a Nerf ball into the basket, backing up two steps each time you score. See who can shoot from the farthest distance!
  • Learn some new rubberband tricks
  • Soda Bottle Bowling – Dig some empty soda or water bottles out of the recycling and set up an indoor bowling alley in your hallway. Roll a soft ball toward your targets and see who can knock down the most “pins” and reset them the fastest.
  • Make your own fidget toyAn easy DIY Begleri tutorial - a different kind of fidget toy!
  • Long Jump – Using painter’s tape, lay six 2-foot strips, each about a foot apart. Assign a starting spot and see who can jump the farthest!
  • Print out and play a new gameEasy toy target game - perfect summer fun idea!
  • Potato Pass – Kids waddle their way toward a bucket or bowl – with a potato between their knees – and see who can drop it in first in this half-baked indoor game! Make it tricky by placing the bucket in another room, forcing turns or steps along the way.
  • Marble Game you can make at home Simple marble game! You just need plastic (or paper) cups and marbles or any small ball really!
  • Be My Mirror – Pair up your kids and assign a starter to make a series of moves while their partner tries to mirror what they’re doing. Get through the series and switch roles – miss one and begin again!
  • Learn how to make a toothpick disappearMake a toothpick disappear
  • Hula Hoop Marathon – Grab a hoop and set the timer to see who can last the longest. Expert “hoopers” can try swiveling their hula hoops on their necks, arms, and ankles.

If all else fails just use your imagination. Get the kids started dreaming up something silly, give them a pile of recyclables, dress up clothes, craft supplies, or send them out to play with a new Razor ride on. If you need some more inspiration I have a whole list of summer activities here.

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